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Pure Water Works Installs and Services Ultra-Pure Water Treatment Systems for Optical Labs Across the United States.

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Water Systems for Optical Manufacturing

We design our systems around the lab’s specifications and requirements. Our systems are designed to grow.

Our PCZ Water Treatment Systems are used to clean lenses with ultrapure water to be able to add anti-reflective coating to the lenses. Pure Water Works combined the reverse osmosis with the deionization filtration process to ensure these units make the purest, cleanest water possible. These systems have incredibly efficient resin. The most economical way to achieve the quality of water needed. These systems make the water 1,000x cleaner than a surgical laboratory. These systems are designed around a lab’s needs. Systems are customizable. Systems always have the opportunity to upgrade. Units are custom-designed and built in our production facility in Traverse City, Michigan. The unit is shipped out on a skid, with a technician following to install equipment and train the customer on the system’s use and maintenance.

Estimated delivery time for these systems is typically 8-12 weeks for a smaller system or 12-24 weeks for an industrial-sized system.

PCZ Series Systems
  • PCZ 760
  • PCZ 380
  • PCZ 1440
  • PCZ 1200
  • PCZ L1 300
  • PCZ 2880
  • PCZ ProPH Neutralizer
Quick Facts
  • Our systems produce 1 to 18.5 million ohms of resistance to ensure ultrapure water for your process.
  • Our proprietary PCZ process uses a combination of multiple ultra-filtration methods that allow us to create ultra-high purity water while using less resin.

About PCZ Series Systems

Smallest, wall-mounted, entry level. Reverse osmosis with pretreatment, with D/I loop, 9 gallon holding tank, production of 300 gallons per day. Especially adaptive for backside coaters.

2 1/2×40” membrane, 380 gallons per day, for AR (anti-reflective) labs, CPU processor that monitor all the functions of the RO, permeate flush technology (no transmigration across the system) which maintains high quality water and prolonged membrane life. Pre treatment – 5-micron and CTO carbons, RO, DI, and UV.

Two 2 1/2×40” membranes, and is the same as the PCZ 380 but double the size.

Designed around a particular machine from ultraoptics and laboratories can do coatings – anti-reflective coatings – 300GPD – especially adaptive for backside coaters. Has a 25×2.5” membrane.

The PropH-HV is designed to automatically monitor and neutralize UltraSonic Lens Washer effluent to a user determined pH. When the pH of 8.5 is reached, the drain pump will initiate, pumping neutralized effluent to a drain. The system incorporates a 30 gallon tank, recirculation mixer, pH controller, chemical dosing pump, drain pump, pump-out relay. The PropH-HV continuously monitors the pH and neutralizes only as needed. Spent Alkaline Solution is collected via the Washer tank overflow drain and is collected in the PropH-HV tank. The recirculation mixer motor runs at all times to mix the spent Alkaline Solution effluent and NS-5. As the pH rises in the tank the pH controller actuates the dosing pump to add the NS-5. When the tank is full (high level float is raised) and the pH is between 6.5 and 8.0 the drain pump is actuated and the 30g. tank is emptied to drain. When the tank is emptied, the whole process starts over.

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We design our systems around the lab’s specifications and requirements. Our systems are designed to grow. All systems have 5-stage ultrapurification: Pre treatment – 5-micron and CTO carbons, RO, DI, and UV.

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